Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michael Jordan Got Nothin' On Me.......


So its been a few weeks since my last post and lots has been done. First thing that scared me was when my host brother said to me, "youre losing your accent"! I almost cried....nevertheless i held my head up high and said "NO!", and which to my delight he said, "Im joking!" - NOT cool when you pride yourself on being known as the "guy from New Zealand". So its supposidly spring now, and to be quite plain with it, it still FREEZING!! I find that ive been asking myself if it will ever be a positive temperature....we shall soon find out!

In the last little while ive been lucky enough to venture into Toronto again for the second time in two weeks! But this time i went and NBA game!! Toronto Raptors were hosting the Chicago Bulls at the Air Canada Centre. This was an event i shall never forget....the atmosphere was UNREAL! I wasn't in in the V.I.P section but was close enough to hear the players shoes squeaking on the floor and it was truely amazing to see how these players make it look so easy to dunk the ball with almost no effort involved!

What also was really interesting, was how they could hold an NHL hocky game where the Toronto Maple Leafs played the night before which is played on ice, and then put a floor down and hold an NBA game!

The nuts crowd at the raptors game

The start of the game

On the movies and the american TV shows we hear of things like "Prom" and the "School Dance". Well i was fortunate enough to go to the "Semi-Formal" and needless to say, i had alot of fun and it really was exactly like the movies...lots of people, the raging mosh pits, laser lights, strobes, the whole nine yards! and not to mention the Dinner (kai) that was served! So i sat at a table of 10, which was neat. We even had waiters! And they were talking and asking how the food is, if we needed any more drinks and that sort of thing- it was really a good night.

Myself and a few buddies.

A nice picture at dinner...

My host Dad took me out the annual Maple Syrup Festivle last week; and i actually learnt that to make 1 litre of actual maple syrup, you have to boil 40 litres of sap! which explaines why 4 litres is almost 40 Canadian dollars (almost 90NZ Dollars!)

I have alot coming up soon! Sweet 16 in a month- so dont forget to send something! And the CCT (Cross Canada Tour) is in June! Cant wait!!

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