Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 Months without REAL heat.....?"YEAH RIGHT"

So after 2 months in a country where 7 degress is warm, i find that 2 months have passed and i finally get a break from school- not that i dont enjoy school.....
Anyway, in the last month i have:
-Gone to 3 Rugby trainings in 1 week (all in the morning!!)
-Got locked out of the house for an hour and a half
-FINALLY been to Toronto!
-Been asked to work in Hollister, based around the way i was dressed (yea, only in Canada...)
-Been to another OHL game (Ontario Hockey League) where i was able to sit in V.I.P......yes, they DO know a VIP when they see one!
-Been told that im going to stay at my counsellor's house as my host fambam are going to Panama for a week......and i didnt get asked on HOW i felt about this situation! I mean, who wouldnt want to go to PANAMA for a week!

So as my host family were soking up the sun in Panama, i was left behind in Guelph. So my March break, also called in the USA called "Spring Break", has been pretty uneventful, until today! My counsellor felt bad that our exchange student get-together fell through as not enough people were coming to make it worth while, so he and his family and i took off to Toronto for the day; and WOW! This place was amazing! The atmosphere was somewhat ALOT different to that of the infamous Queen Street in Auckland.....needless to say i had a blast.

Toronto is home to the tallest man made structure in the world (to date)- the CN Tower, which is very similair to the Sky Tower in Auckland; shape, the rotating restaurant, even the glass floor which i can proudly say i stood on!! So after about 30mins in altitude with my counsellors daughter, we headed off the the Hard-Rock Cafe! for a good-old, genuine whilst we were eating there was the "Annual Toronto Square Pillow-Fight". So there was entertainment involved! It was so funny to see about 200 hundred people take after one another with pillows and it was even more funny when the pillows popped and feathers went everywhere!

Then it was off to the Eaton Centre which is a 5-floor shopping mall which is about 100m in it was pretty big! To cap off a good day, the managers of the Hollister shop, which is a brand similar to American Eagle, came up to me and asked where i was from; then asked if i had a working visa! Only in Canada...."eh"!

Outside the CN Tower

The Glass Floor Level

The Funniest Advertising i've ever seen! SCREW YOU RECESSION!

Hard Rock Cafe

The Eaton Centre

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