Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Grey Saturday...

Today, March 7th 2009 will be remembered as a day where the sky was grey and i had a sudden epiphany- that i have forgotten what home looks like! Is this a good thing? I dont know; either way im having the time of my life and i cant see myself being anywhere else, other than living it up in the land of Maple syrup, aka'd as Canada!

Since announcement day things were going smoothly until an outbound to Ecuador, drove the opposite way from home.....went around in cricles for 20 minutes trying to find a coffee shop......went the opposite way to traffic on a 1 way street...... and missed the turn off to get to Guelph from the main highway (similair to a state highway in NZ). So after tiki-touring around for about 3 hours i finally walked through the door to a stressed host mum who ended up laughing at the reason as to why i was so late getting home!

That fateful day were my life flashed infront of my eyes, was about 2 weeks after announcement day. A few of the exchange students (Inbound & Outbound) went to Brampton which is a suburb of Toronto (closer to it than what Guelph is anyway) to support the Youth Exchange Programme which was the fundrasing event that was happening at the Womens hockey game which was being played.....a mouthful i know.....but it was a chance to see all the exchange kids and we all had a ball! We even got to walk on the ice and hold up our flags and yell and scream!

The after match function was great also. We got time to talk to the players and talk about hockey and the programme which was funny at the same time as humbling as the players were all VERY laidback people! So we're talking away and theyre making jokes all the time so that was also quite entertaining!

School rugby has also started within my last post. I guess the major difference between NZ Rugby and Canadian Rugby is the difference in average skill level. I actually got told to stop passing the ball so fast which was equally fustrating as funny! So we're playing in a tournament in a city called Hamilton in about 3 weeks at the local University and we're actually playing on a turf field similair to the ones which the NFL is played on.

Carol from Brazil and Blair the Outbound to NZ!!!
Amateur modelling poses at the hockey game! (Carol Barzil, Myself, Avery to Ecudor and Poori from Thailand) We should just stay as exchange students- not sunglass models!

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