Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1 Month Anniversary! + Announcement Day


Today, it is the 23rd February 2009; which means that i have been away from NZ for 1month and 2 days. It is really hard to believe that it has been only 1 month; time really does fly. Enough with the cheesy cliche's; in a month i have,

-Been to Los Angeles and visited Universal Studios, Disney Land and Venice Beach
-Had a spa in -20degree weather
-Been to 2 ice hockey game
-Had my laptop broken
-Slept for 14 hours straight (oops!)
-Had my laptop fixed
-Shoveled the driveway after being in Canada 2 days
-Slept in a Quinzhee (snowhut) in -25degree weather
-Gotten lost at school
-Been to the "mall" at lunchtime
-Caught the yellow bus to school
-Played bingo at an elderly persons residense

For 18 outbounds, their lives have been influienced by the magic workings of Rotary. These 18 extraordinary people found out what country they would be spending their year abroad in. Most importantly, it was the 1 lucky person who will experience the laidback lifestyle we have in NZ. It was amazing to see how happy these people were to find out where they will be going. The smiles were from ear to ear. And from smiles, then became questions. From questions became excitement. From Excitement, became fears. For me it was the most rewarding thing was to be able to say "Hi, im Marcus from New Zealand" to the parents of the person who will be venturing down-under. And by that i dont mean Australia!!
Karen from Japan, Katharina from Austria and Myself at announcement day

(from left) Carol from Brazil, Poori from Thailand, Avery bound for Ecuador and Myself at announcement day.

Well i guess i should write something about where in Canada exaclty i am! I stay in a little town, about 117'000 people, called Guelph (gwelf) and im the only exchange student in Guelph.....sad, but true. I go to school which is alot smaller and different than the average school in NZ. School here is split into Academic halls, Athletic halls, and Trade skills. Intertwined in this is the school weights room, cafeteria, 2 full sized basketball courts, a swimming pool and a full gourmet buffet! NZ so needs to upgrade!! In a nutshell, the school is a whole lot of box-like buildings put together to form a school. The school i go to is called Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute (yes, a mouthful)

So far, i am enjoying my time here so much and i cant see myself at home in NZ anymore (to be honest, i cant remember what my house looks like!)

The house at which im staying at for the first 3 months

The main street of Guelph with more pubs than people!

The cathedral "church of our lady" located in Downtown Guelph

The view from uptown Guelph with the Church of our lady in the background.

My counsellors business which is located at the University of Guelph

Just some modest advertising at the University


Meaghan Li said...

Those badges look absolutely ridiculous Marcus.
Great blog keep it up man!

Kenzie said...

why is no one following you're blog? i'm following everyone's that i can find!