Monday, May 18, 2009

"Oh Canada...Our Home And Native Land"


Summer is OFFICALLY on its way. How do i know? Besides knowing everything.....i have seem to be getting this thing called a "tan"...its quite funny how this happens. Anywhoo things have had a change since my last post. I have changed host families and have had a birthday which was pretty sweet (16)
So my new host family is alot different to the last family. Im now staying in the Northern end of Guelph; getting out towards the country which to my surprise im starting to enjoy..ahh the quiet life! Personally reflecting with my time with my last family i often find myself missing them and when you think about it, we only had met via email. When the time came to say goodbye and move on, it was a mix of indifferent emotions. Unfortunately im only staying with my new host family for a shortened time as my trip (CCT- Cross Canada Tour) takes a month to go from East to West and that takes away from my family time! Not to say that im super pumped for a whole month with exchange students!

Touching briefly on my birthday now- i was unfortunate to come down with a chronic case of an ear infection is both sides, which lead to almost unbearable pain, but i wasnt going to let pain stop me from having a super-fantastic day! It started with a Rotary meeting which was really funny as i had my own table with balloons! And when i thought that singing happy birthday was enough, my first host dad bought out a birthday cake! WHAT A SURPRISE THAT WAS! Other than that, the guest speakers talk quite possibly the most touching speech ive ever heard- the speaker was a Man who was completely blind and had lost bith eyes to cancer at a young age. He went on to speak about his life as a cyclist and how he is tandem cycling across Canada for cancer in kids awareness in tribute to his kids who have both survived as eye Cancer patients. So after that i went to school and had a pretty relaxed day. It was just one of those days where everything seems to go just right.

So whats going to happen in the near future for me? I have club rugby starting next week which i can not wait for- the experience of meeting people with the same passion as myself is just great! Exams soon...[ which i cannot wait for! =D ] and most importantly the CCT!

Ill try do another post before then but if i find that im too busy studying, i do apologize!
Ill also add more photos when the Internet isnt being so uncooperative...

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